Binance API

Binance is the cryptocurrency exchange which gives its players great API feature for trading. To approach them, clients have to sign up.

Binance API tutorial

But first thing first - click on "Create an account." 

  1. Solve the captcha and you will receive a confirmation code on your email. Click  the link and you will find a message about the registration was successful.
  2. You will be informed that it would not be superfluous to enable extra login confirmation. It is in your interest though, to get it for further protection from intruders. You can not get the API keys without it. 
  3. So, now you are in your personal profile, click the "Enable" in the API section.

How to use Binance API key

What is an API Binance key? Connecting to the exchange API goes through, for authorized requests all the clients must ask a key in the X-MBX-APIKEY header, and sign the body of the SHA256 demand.

To use these methods, create a second file in the one folder, for example,, insert the next code there (substitute your API keys):

from binance_api import Binancebot = Binance (API_KEY = 'D7 ... Ejj', API_SECRET = 'gwQ ... u3A') print ('account', bot.account ())

Public queries Binance API examples:

The rateLimits key leads to an array with limits - how many requirements per second / minute / day can be made.

The key contains settings for each pair.

This method allows you to obtain the total transactions history. Deals being executed simultaneously on an order and at one price will be represented by one line with a combined amount.

For those who would like to set the library - note that the address is the same / api / v3 / order, but the method is different - if you send records by POST, it will make a warrant, through GET - take information about the booking, DELETE - order cancellation.

Binance API documentation

The base endpoint is:

All endpoints reply either a JSON object or plurality. Data is returned in raising up order. The oldest is the first, and the newest is in the end. 

All the timestamps can be connected with areas in milliseconds. Traders may send arguments in any turn.

How to create API key Binance

Binance API Python

Binance API documentation includes code examples:


With this code players may track the data of the candle chart, the market's depth.


Binance rest API

Here is the documentation for the Binance APIs and Streams.

You can create their personal trade-bots, to check markets and earn money.

Binance API C#

This code gives a C# wrapper for the formal Binance API and grants rate limiting functions. Traders is allowed to have their own cache realization, all REST endpoints sheeted, and the best practice decision is combined with highly typed responses and demands.

Binance API rate limit

The /api/v1/exchangeInfo rateLimits array keeps facility linked to the exchange's RAW_REQUEST, REQUEST_WEIGHT, and ORDER rate limits. 

In the field "Rate Limiters" (rateLimitType) the limits of requests are defined.

If rate limit is broken, then a 429 code will be returned. When this happens, traders mustn't spam the API. Violating rate limits repeatedly and/or failing to go back after accepting 429s will result in an automated IP ban (http status 418). IP is traced and scale in continuance to replicate perpetrators during a few minutes or a few days.

Binance API ticker

The query looks like:

Cost statistics can be changing during the day and can be requested in this way.

Symbol price ticker:

Binance Java API

Binance-java-api is a facilitated Java library for cooperating with the Binance API. 

It is not necessary to perform these parameters if the trader wants to access only the end points. The additional security is not required.

You can transmit requests for an API after template creation.

Coinigy Binance API

Binance trading is now accessible on Coinigy in POST-ONLY mode. 

Coinigy users will be able to place trades on Binance. They can't take open orders which are located through Binance. On top of that all the SMS and E-mail alerts will not be triggered.

Binance API for Excel

All the available trading pairs can be listed on the exchange, as well as additional trading info for each pair.

To transfer trading charts to Excel Spreadsheets just use these instructions:

Choose Open time, Volume, High, Low and Close fields. Copy and paste the data.

Open a tab in Excel, and insert the Stock Chart or any needed information. Select all required indicators: volume, high etc.

Binance websocket API

For WebSocket endpoints, just reaffirm the BinanceClient, and give it to the BinanceWebSocketClient. 

Traders determine to use machine or manual controls.

Binance API GitHub

This is an unofficial Python wrapper for the Binance exchange REST API v1/3. 

Use this wrapper to simplify the buying/sell of bitcoin or another currency through the Binance Exchange.

Origin code

Binance API Google sheets

Here is Google Sheets automatic update through Google Apps Script (GAS) for a cryptocurrency portfolio.

Multiple transactions can be used here.


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