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Some may ask - is Binance a wallet? Does Binance have its own wallet? To get the answers just read about all Binance features and without further ado we are going to dive in deeper into this topic.

Is Binance a wallet

Binance made its first purchase of a third-party company, which became the Trust Wallet cryptographic network.

The Maltese Stock Exchange has obtained a startup Trust Wallet, with the developer of the mobile Ethereum wallet that supports the broadcast, as well as tokens of the ERC-20 standard and ERC-223. The terms of the deal were not uncapped. Binance announced that the purchase was made for cash, company shares and exchange tokens (BNB).

Is Binance wallet safe

Trust Wallet isn't the well known Ethereum wallet, but definitely one of the most reliable. Trust Wallet doesn't have access to user accounts and their private keys, as Binance was explained. According to the information on the wallet site, the company collects only the public user keys, their contact information and social networks data.

The company also said it is in the process of merging with other start-ups at the moment. It became known earlier, in July this year, that Binance invests in the creation of the first decentralized bank. Read this article for better learning about Binance security.

Binance wallet maintenance

On October 19, Binance left for forced maintenance due to problems with user IP. 

Binance Crypto Exchange failed with the ETH and ERC20 coins. The official statement guaranteed that all the payments that users expect will be credited until the service returns to normal operation.

Using Binance as a wallet

Binance Bitcoin wallet

Wallet balance chart s available here:

Binance Ethereum wallet

I can follow the link and get all the information.

Binance NEO wallet

All NEO holders at Binance will get GAS, which is produced monthly by NEO. Distribution time - until 12:00 of the second day of each month.

Binance USD wallet

Binance is a pure cryptocurrency exchange that doesn't provide fiat trading. First, you have to buy crypto coins on another exchange, then transfer them to Binance.

Binance to Exodus wallet

When traders have any ERC20 TRX tokens in the Exodus Wallet, they need a Binance profile. It is the only exchange that allows swaps after the mainnet transition.

Binance to Daedalus wallet

Registration on the site is here


How to send coins from Binance to wallet

Enter the Binance homepage by your login.

Click Funds, then Withdraw Deposits. Choose the right coin which you want to withdraw and push the Withdraw button. Enter the sum, the address, click Submit.

A confirmation message will be sent to your email from the Binance service. Open the e-mail with "Confirmation of withdrawal request". Make sure that this is your intended transaction, and then click "Confirm Withdrawal" when you want to continue withdrawing.

Check withdrawals: return to the official Binance website and log in. Push Funds, then History, then Deposit History. Select Check txid address.

Transfer Iota from Binance to a wallet

The withdrawal of Iota tokens from the Binance Exchange is accompanied by a commission of 0.5 MIOTA.,This is equal to 1 dollar or 61 rubles. 

First of all, go to the Finance category where your coins are stored. There on the site open the “Active” menu and select “Withdraw cash” from the drop-down list.

On the next page, you will see a withdrawal form and a history of all withdrawal transactions. Click on “Select Withdrawal Coin” and in the search field enter the name of the currency (in this case, IOTA).

Accordingly, in the “IOTA address” field, you must enter the address of your wallet where you want to send your coins. If you have IOTA Wallet  installed, just open it and in the “Get” menu, copy the address by clicking on it with the left mouse button.

You have to enter the number of currencies that you want to withdraw. In this case, you must take into account the commission (the exact figure will be displayed below), but the main thing is not to be mistaken with your MIOTA address.

When you're ready, just click the yellow button below. This will take you to the confirmation step,. If you have activated two-factor verification, then you will need to enter a 6-digit code.

You will get the email with an additional confirmation. All that is required is to click on the link and expect to receive funds to the purse specified by you. Sometimes users experience serious delays in waiting time (up to several days), but this is quite rare.


Binance exchange  is a very convenient service due to the maintenance of a huge number of cryptocurrencies. It is very convenient that it is very easy to fund any currency to any wallet or to a cold store. 


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