Bitstamp API

What do you need to work with a cryptocurrency exchange? It has become even easier and more efficient these days. 

What functions can traders access? The list is very wide:

  1. Ticker;
  2. Hourly ticker;
  3. Orders book;
  4. Operations list;
  5. Information about trading pairs;
  6. USD/EUR and other currency and cryptocurrency pairs rates.

How to set up API access

Among the Bitstamp public API there are options for every programming language. Players may adapt the necessary applications for any software. However, there are limitations on the quantity's requests. If it has done 600 appeals or more in 10 minutes, the exchange ban the process.

Getting access to Bitstamp API is a simple one. For online tracking, appeal to the websocket API.

Login to your profile. Find the "Account" at the top, where to expand the item "Security" and in it select "API Access".

Click "New API Key". Next table will be displayed:

If you need additional security, you can insert an IP list in the "IP Address Filter".

Fields with addresses for the coins' withdrawal do not need to be filled, because the key will not have permission to output.

Then just mark access rights by key as in the picture under the description.

Find "Generate key".

Push "Activate".

Open the email and confirm the key's activation.

A pair of API secret Bitstamp/key is ready to use.

Bitstamp API key explained

Bitstamp API key is needed when it comes to authenticate trader information. Each particular API call demand verification. For lucky identification, gamers have to give an API key, a signature, and a nonce parameter. The Bitstamp API key ought to be created and also verified.

With each request nonce should be increased. If user choose nonce to 1 in your first attempt, he must indicate 2 (or another number) in next call. Users don't obliged to start at 1. Usually unix-time is used.

A signature is a HMAC-SHA256 coded message containing a nonce, a client identifier, and an API key. The HMAC-SHA256 code must be generated using the secret key previously created by your API key. This code must be remade to hexadecimal representation (64 uppercase characters).

A Python code example about creating a signature:

Bitmex API library

The whole Bitstamp API library was created to adopt applications to the traders' needs, . Players will need the Bitstamp API secret to access private functions. 

What can be tracked automatically?

Clients can investigate finance receipt/expenditure, other users' transactions, the orders' opening/closing dynamics and their status at the moment.

What traders can do without personal participation:

  1. Void the order.
  2. Pay for market order.
  3. Range sales.
  4. Sell the order.
  5. Create calls for withdrawal.
  6. Trace balance with additional profile.
  7. Open bank transfer (for main profile only).

Often, to check the software operation correctness, a test mode is needed (in other words, a Bitstamp API sandbox). The official exchange method does not provide this option. Therefore, you need to independently look for a "wrapper" for the programming language, and then carry out tests in it.

Bitstamp API Python

The official exchange's library contains a Python package for communicating with the API bitstamp (v1 and v2). It consistent with Python 2.7+ and Python 3.3+.

There are 2 classes. First s for the common part of the Bitstamp Python API and the second is for the trade option. The free class doesn't require client's credentials, since the API commands that implement these class are not tied to the service user account.

A brief:

Bitstamp API PHP

This is the Bitstamp PHP API hosted on the service official resource. Creating a personal code begins with the preparation. In the beginning, you should find the scheme in the library. Then go ahead and generate an API key and a pair of secret/client's address.

What features may clients get?

Players may create a query for automated tracking of any exchange functions. Traders can get information on the current ticker at any time. Users can also monitor the online exchange rate and cryptocurrency, as well as analyze the trading pairs' ratio.

There are automatic cryptocurrency purchase or sale at the market price. Rising and falling prices may be unpredictable. Therefore, it is necessary to provide for the function of blocking trades under specified conditions.

Read the sample carefully:

C# Bitstamp API

To create bots for the Bitstamp C # API, follow the simple instructions:

ILogFactory logFactory = new NLogFactory (); IRequestAuthenticator ra = New RequestAuthenticator (_apiKey, _apiSecret, _clientId); IBitstampClient client = new BitstampClient (ra, logFactory);

var ticker = client.GetTicker ();

Console.WriteLine (“Bitcoin's latest market value:” + ticker.last);

Console.ReadLine ().

Bitstamp Magento API

Integrating api bitstamp into CRM magento is the easiest process by using the Integromat service or Apiant templates. However you will need coding to adopt applications to the traders' needs.


The library has enough documentation on the interaction with the API. If there is any trouble - just contact technical support and the issue will be resolved shortly.


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