Bitstamp Fee

Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming an established financial product with many cryptocurrencies developing a stable value and wide market. This has led to investors, consumers, and retailers to adopt the use of cryptos. One important aspect of using cryptos is the need for a bitcoin exchange.

Somethings to know about using a bitcoin exchange include:

  1. Their Rates
  2. Using USD And Euro
  3. Their Withdrawal Cost
  4. Their Deposit Fees
  5. How To Maximize Your Exchange

Bitstamp is a Luxembourg based bitcoin exchange that was established to serve the European markets as an alternative to the bitcoin giant Mt. Gox. The exchange seeks offer users a reputable company where they can easily use their cryptos.

Bitstamp Rate

Bitstamp offers a simple rate schedule with them clearly marking their entire list of rates on their website. The rate schedule is clearly listed with them detailing fees for a variety of financial services.

Overall, the Bitstamp rate for cumulative trading pairs over a thirty day period is %.25. This rate is for amounts under twenty thousand dollars. The rate goes down for larger amounts.

Bitstamp customizes many of their financial services to different types of cryptos. This allows you to receive a free structure that is directly associated with a specific type of crypto.

Bitstamp USD

All Bitstamp fees are calculated in USD with them also handling international transactions in USD. This makes it simple to calculate rates, and it means that you can easily move your cryptos into other financial products.

Bitstamp Euro

Bitcoin also handles their transactions in Euro. This is one of the ways that they are able to better service the European market. They can quickly handle European transactions, and they are able to clearly display Bitstamp price in a clear way. This service is especially useful when shopping and withdrawing money in Europe.

Bitstamp Withdrawal Cost

Bitstamp charges a number of withdrawal fees that are comparable to many financial services. They charge a thirty-five cent fee for a debit purchase.

The rest of their debit fees include:

  1. $3.45 For Purchase with Cash Back
  2. $3.45 Cash Withdrawal
  3. $1.00 ATM Balance Inquiry

Bitstamp also charges for other financial transactions including a $1.95 monthly account fee and a $5.00 dormancy fee.

These fees are only for their account and debit card services. You can withdraw money for such things as bitcoin for free. This means that you can avoid a number of these charges when not using bitcoin for retail transactions.

Bitstamp Deposit Fees

Bitstamp charges a flat rate fee to deposit money. The fee is ten dollars for all deposits under a thousand dollars. They charge a two percent fee for all transactions over a thousand dollars. This is a very cheap rate, and these deposit fees are frequently less than the rate to convert traditional currency.

These fees are for instant transactions. You can avoid fees by simply withdrawing your money in a digital currency such as bitcoin.


Overall, Bitstamp is an excellent exchange with them being a great choice for most crypto users, miners, and traders. They are an especially good choice for the European market with them being a useful service for accessing European retailers.

Bitstamp offers a fee schedule that is similar to many other exchanges. Most of their fees are for using the exchange as a retail oriented financial service. Their low account and trading fees make them a good option for people who want to use the exchange as a safe place to keep their cryptos. This makes them a good platform to base European crypto trading around.


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