Hitbtc Introduces Their New API For Bot Development

Hitbtc has established itself as a premier site for trading bitcoin with the marketplace offering advance tools and datasets to allow their customers to earn the most trading. Hitbtc's focus on software driven trading has led to them releasing their new API. This API will allow traders to better use the marketplace with it potentially allowing for a wave of new software built off of this API. 

Hitbtc offers a number of development environments with them making it easy for traders to develop using several different programing languages and with the use of libraries where they can copy and paste code.

Hitbtc Api Key Overview

Crypto trading is a field that commonly features rapid market swings with a large number of traders using bots to assist them with the trading process. This allows them to quickly take advantage of market movement with it allowing traders to make moves faster than the human body and mind simply can.

Hitbtc understands the importance of using bots with them being a site build around the idea of bot driven trading. The Hitbtc API is designed to allow traders to program their own bots for trading.

A API is basically a set of commands that users can use to make different trading moves work together. This creates a structure that allows traders to program a bot to do certain things. This has the advantage of making it easy to program a bot specifically for Hitbtc with it not requiring programmers to develop additional software to link with the site.

Hitbtc API is easy to understand with it offering a list of common commands. The Hitbtc API Swagger feature allows users to enter in some basic symbols into their code. These symbols will tell the bot to do things like check prices, list an order, or cancel a trade.

Hitbtc Api Python

Hitbtc offers a full library that details a list of sample codes and symbols written in python. This allows developers to copy and paste this code when programing their own bot.

Python is slightly more advanced that other programing methods such as C++, but it is commonly used by more advanced programmers who want to make code quickly. The ability to use easily use such things as python opens up Hitbtc to a whole new class of bot traders. This is especially true for people who want to HItbtc API nodejs as it means they can run their program outside of a browser.

Hitbtc Push API

Hitbtc has programed simple programing tools that allow for push notifications. These are notifications that inform traders of important information. This is an important aspect of bot trading as it allows traders to know when they need to check in on their accounts. Hitbtc offers simple push tools so developers can know that they will receive notifications when they need them.

Hitbtc C# Api

C# is one of the first useful programing languages that programmers learn how to use. This means that a huge number of programs are written in C# with it being a staple of the industry.

Hitbtc offers a free Hitbtc API C library where users can learn how to program bots for their trading platform. The library is easy to understand with it coming with sample scripts of common trading moves. 

These tools can allow developers to Hitbtc API PHP system that allows them to write software that is geared towards working in Hitbtc's servers.

Socket.IO API

Socket.IO is a list of a library of JAVA programs and codes that allows users to easily generate code for web-based development. Socket.IO is a pillar of the development world, and Hitbtc has developed their API for developers who used Socket.IO.

Market Data

A major part of using socket is using their general codes. Hitbtc has a number of useful codes that allows their bots to request and use market data. Hitbtc's market data codes include:

  1. Get Currencies
  2. Get Symbols
  3. Subscribe To Ticker
  4. Subscribe To Orderbook
  5. Subscribe To Trades
  6. Get Trades
  7. Subscribe To Candies

The market data request codes are similar to what they do, which means that programmers can easily remember codes.

Streaming API

Streaming is one of the two API environments along with Push API. The two programing environments are easy to access from URL's with them being geared towards different development styles.

Market data

The ability to receive and process information is an important aspect of both bot and traditional trading. Hitbtc allows traders to have easy access to both current data and price histories. It is simple for bots to request information from their trading platform with them able to cut down data transfer times to less than a second. This allows bots to make quick trades.


The end goal of bot trading development is to have the bots make trades that will earn people money. It is simple to connect bots to Hitbtc's trading platform. Bots have the ability to request data with them able to request trades and make trades simply and quickly.

Restful API

RESTFUL API is the second programing environment that programmers can use to program their bots. This programming environment is geared towards easy development with it simple for programmers to copy and paste commands. 

Users can move their programs from the programming environment to the real world trading environment quickly and simply. Hitbtc even allows users to run their bots in an artificial environment where they can test to see if their bots are effective. It is simple for users to save their Hitbtc API documentation so they can review different versions of their code while optimizing their programs.

PHP Library

Hitbtc PHP library come with a long list of browser based commands, codes, and functions. Users have access to already assembled bots that will work effectively on their own. Users can then development from these bots in order to make a program that is right for them.

The PHP library comes with some very specific functions that allow users to program bots to make specific moves if certain events happen on the Hitbtc marketplace.

HitBTC API Overview

Hitbtc has done an excellent job developing both an effective platform and a useful API. The API is simple for developers to build bots. People who do not entirely know how to code can still optimize bots by using their copy and paste functions. It is easy for traders to develop bots that can respond to specific market trends with them able to make quick trades where traders can benefit from slight changes to the market. 

The development of an API makes Hitbtc an even more useful marketplace with them optimizing their marketplace for technology driven trading. Hitbtc offers an easy to understand trading system with them working hard to keep their site secure and useful.

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