HitBTC Review

HitBTC Exchange is operated by a Hong Kong concern and creates the image of "perfect bitcoin exchange". The accessible cryptocurrencies roster includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Monero, and USDT.

HitBTC History

Skilled players, financial experts, programmers have participated in the opening of the HitBTC web page. They`v constructed a progressive service that can satisfy all requests. The system includes methods for automatic scaling and cleaning. Participants have already rated great applicability, productivity or error tolerance.

Why HitBTC?

Service proposes players tempting bonuses:

  • Great liquidity;
  • Moderate commissions;
  • Strict security steps;
  • No restrictions working with digital currencies;
  • Convenient FIX API and REST API.

To start earning on HitBTC go right ahead because the registration isn't required.

HitBTC Trading Possibilities

The service offers several kinds of orders. An unusual system of commission payments is also available. Read about it in the few next chapters of this HitBTC exchange review.

In addition, the web source offers free analytical intelligence. Advanced traders can estimate the different schedules and schemas. Newbies love the affordable blog. It has tips on working, connecting the API.

HitBTC Registration

Creating a new profile is not difficult. Push "Register" and provide the needful evidence. The client ought to fill an email and password. Then just follow the reference in the text from HitBTC to activate a fresh profile.

HitBTC Deposits and Withdrawals

Make a wallet to transmit a pledge to the commercial account.

Find "Deposit". Write in the line with your desired coins. Further “Deposit funds”. The wallet address consists of a line of numbers, letters, and a QR code.

Each fund obtains an individual address in the profile. Some coins require extra identificational ways - a text for XEM or target tag for XRP. They must be conditioned at the start of the deposit. When the assets arrive at HitBTC, an operation will be shown at the monitor and resources will be accessible quickly.

To remove the cryptocurrency, choose "Accounts". Select the "Withdrawal" pile. To get money, the user should transfer it from the commercial account to the basic one. Then click "Output".

Select the sum to withdraw and insert it into the accepting address. Be careful, the operation can't be canceled. When working with some asset types, the site requests additional intelligence. Choosing XMR a player should write:

  • Payment ID;
  • Wallet route.

Push "Unmark" and write in the identification code. Each member is notified about the necessity to reaffirm the withdrawal via email. Enter the text from technical assistance named "Withdrawal Request". Go the reference to check the deal and come back to own profile.

Follow up withdrawals is feasible in "Reports - Payment History" or in "Recent Transactions". Pending processing has seen three yellow points. After processing is done, these points transformed into the green.

Trade on HitBTC and Order types

To start working, client sends the money from the key account to a working one. On the "Accounts" field, snap the blue arrow. Write in the sum to transmit, and then push "Transfer".

When the assets arrive at the needed location, set about an order. Click "Exchange", and define the essential trading pair in the "Tools" partition.

Next, traders assign the order variation in the "Buy" and "Sell" fields. The platform offers a complex manual for every opportunity: stop, limit, stop limit. Enough cursor on the corresponding question marks.

The deals history is reflected in the "My orders and deals" part. Push "Reports" and in "My Orders"evaluate orders, their status, cancel orders, export trading history and commit other actions.

The order book is located at the underside of the page. It reflects the fresh deals, the deepness of the market and the costs at which people pick up and vend each cryptocurrency.

Market orders are constructed for sale and purchase at commercial cost. It is the best accessible sum during the order period. Summation and charges are calculated approximately as the prices change several times per second.

Limit orders grant a possibility to set about deals at the desired cost or upper. Limit orders for buying are for deals with a reduced sum. Similar vend orders are for transactions with higher sums. At the creation point, cash is earmarked in the account. Deals are accessible for viewing in the order book.

Stop orders are triggered immediately when the market reaches the blocked price. At the transaction moment, such order style grows a market order. Such orders are not displayed in the order book before they are run. For them, there is no necessity for earmarking a sum.

Stop limit orders let people create a limit order at the right price. When the market achieves this cost, such order pass into a limit order. In this transaction, a player writes in 2 prices:

  • Stop cost;
  • Marginal cost.

In the case with a stop order, it isn't displayed in the order book before it is activated. The user is also not required to reserve these assets.

Over-the-counter trading is available for deals worth $100,000 and up. Contracts are concluded between counterparties without intermediaries. This opportunity provides cooperation with Trusted Volumes.

HitBTC Fees

HitBTC  rating review has something special. The platform uses the "maker-taker" sample. Such a scheme encourages "Makers" proceeds to augment liquidity to the market. The main goal is to boost commercial activities inside the exchange. It pushes players to place orders and facilitates trading.


At HitBTC, a "Takers" commission is charged at a rate of 0.1% of the deal sum. In the "maker-taker" sample, “Taker” is a person who reduces liquidity via creating an order, which is instantly accomplished at the existent cost. The buyer disburses a commission for the deal.


"Makers" are not charged and vice versa, they obtain a 0.01% discount on the deal. A "Maker" is a trader who increases liquidity by creating a limit order lower than the market price of the sale or supra the market price of the buying.

Commission for over-the-counter trading is 0.1%.


HitBTC REST & Streaming API version 2.0 grants a programme approach to the next generation HitBTC marketing engine. The API for HitBTC is suitable for online bots.

The website manager's advice applying APIv2 for new participants and upgrades to the release for presently members to receive a better trading practice.

Look for the HitBTC API at api.hitbtc.com.

HITBTC Security

HitBTC was cracked just after two years of the start of operation. This had happened in 2015.

The service has several tactics for personal protection. The service proposes two-factor identification. It applies cold storage for 98% of funds. To secure evidence using progressive encryption techniques.

To provide higher safety, the service sends an announcement by email in case entering the profile from a new IP. In the "Security" field there are means "End all sessions". A client may turn on automatic log out after 30 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 day, 7 days, or never.

If the client has any suspicions about the profile safety, all the latest actions are displayed in the "Security" field.

HITBTC Customer Support

The platform gives a store of FAQs and articles which are sorted by problems. Customers are offered to join the official Twitter page to keep up with updates. People may contact technical support via the online form. The website supports English, Simplified Chinese and Korean only.

Pros & Cons

HitBTC review in 2018 includes:


  • A broad opportunities diapason.
  • Ergonomic interface.
  • Small commission payments.
  • Adequate security policy.
  • Large trading volume.

HitBTC review missing funds

  • Bad customer support.
  • Verifying new user information is often slow.
  • No possibility of paying fiat.
  • Trading on the stock exchange is carried out by bots.
  • The creeping money withdrawal from the account.


HitBTC is a pioneer among other crypto exchanges. It suggests a lot of utility features, ways to make a bargain, and advice, an ergonomic design, and high protection.

Any traders are unhappy with the sluggish withdrawal. The identity verification includes a picture of passport details. There are not flattering reviews about HitBTC describing the clients' support slowness.

HitBTC is suitable for players aimed at reliable service with a large volume of trades. If you understand how to work with the API, the HitBTC software database will also be a great advantage for you.

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