How to use HitBTC

Different exchanges offer almost the same type of tools and features for trading. Usually, these are several kinds of orders. The interface and functionality of HitBTC are still lightly otherwise from the rest.

HitBTC Overview

The HitBTC operation scheme differs from other platforms. In opposition to the individual structure, working orders on the exchange will always look the same.

How to buy & sell on HitBTC

How to trade on HitBTC? Let's launching with the interface of the trading screen.

The exchange window is the window that you use for all your trading activities. On other exchanges, this window can be opened by clicking on the option "Buy/Sell" or "Buy Bitcoin".

If you look at the right side of the window, you will see two tabs, one of which reads "Buy BTC" and the other "Sell BTC".

Tabs buy or sell Bitcoin open access to orders:

  1. Market;
  2. Limit;
  3. Stop;
  4. Stop Limit.

To the left of these fields is a demonstration of candlestick graphics. This is a cryptocurrency prices analysis for a specified period.

Under the chart and tabs are two fields: "Tools" and "My orders and deals". In the field "Tools" you must enter the cryptocurrency.

The window "My orders and transactions" shows all the transactions. The active orders are shown separately. Own orders can be edited.

The "Time and Sales" field stores data on the last 1000 transactions. Available to control:

  1. Time;
  2. Amount;
  3. Buying or selling.

The Order Book provides with information about limit orders available on the site. Find prices, size and type (purchase or sale) of orders.

Trade limits on HitBTC

Verification is not a prerequisite for the exchange applying. But to replenish Fiat accounts and withdraw funds will be required to pass the identity verification procedure. Depending on the information that the user provides, accounts can be of three types:

  • General - assigned immediately after registration. It supports work only with cryptocurrencies. Restrictions - amounts up to 5,000 euros in a cryptocurrency equivalent.
  • Verified - has access to fiat operations after providing personal information and confirming the address of residence. Restrictions - amounts up to 25,000 euros in cryptocurrency, up to 10,000 euros per month in Fiat.
  • Qualified - requires an extended packet of information, increases the amount of input/output. More than 25,000 euros in cryptocurrency equivalent and up to 50,000 euros per month in Fiat are acceptable.

Withdraw from HitBTC

How to withdraw from HitBTC?

First, the assets must be transferred to the "Main account". Then just push "Withdraw". Customer clarifies the sum of the transfer and the recipient IP.

How to deposit funds on HitBTC

How to fund HitBTC?

Account replenishment is possible by transfer from a cryptocurrency wallet or from an account on other exchanges. Working with fiat currencies is available only to EU citizens.

How to add USD to HitBTC?

Deposit dollars into the account can only SWIFT-payment. The euro is credited through the SEPA system.

How to buy Ripple on HitBTC

Ripple can be bought selling Ethereum or Bitcoin. But first you have to put in coins to the HitBTC wallet.

To do this, just choose the "Account" button. Select Ethereum or Bitcoin. Push "Deposit". Enter the wallet IP and transmit the coins to the exchange.

Push the "Exchange" button overhead the screen. Select BTC or ETH. Then decide on a trading pair: XRP/ETH or XRP/BTC.

Choose the "Buy/Sell" partition and make out a purchase order. Get the Ripple.

HitBTC Fees

The exchange came up with the original model "Makers-Takers". It was created to maximize liquidity in cryptocurrency markets. Thus, trade within the market is stimulated. 


At HitBTC, a "Takers" commission is charged at a rate of 0.1% of the transaction amount.

"Takers" are traders who reduce liquidity from a book. The buyer pays a commission for the transaction. Bitcoin commission is 0.001 BTC.


“Makers”, on the contrary, receive a 0.01% discount on the transaction.

“Makers” are liquidity players. This happens by placing limit orders below the best selling price (for a purchase). Or above the best purchase price (for sale).

HitBTC Security

In the Security tab, the user must configure the account security settings:

  1. A complex password must be changed every 3 weeks;
  2. Provide automatic logout in case of user inactivity.
  3. Two-factor authentication.

The service supports the use of applications for creating temporary passwords. However, it recommends Google Authenticator. At the bottom of the page, you can see the parameters of the active session and login history.


Feedback on the HitBTC platform is often positive. This is a visually pleasing and convenient site. You can switch colors from light to dark in the "Day-Night" mode. The interface is not Russified, but it is still clear. The service offers many currency pairs. It is good that there is no mandatory verification for small transactions.

A small drawback is an impossibility of withdrawing fiat money.

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