Is Cobinhood Safe

Cobinhood is the first super fast and infinitely scalable cryptocurrency exchange with zero fees. The exchange allows opportunities for margin trading with a leverage up to 1:10 increase market liquidity.

Cobinhood offers an underwriting services. The ICO does program analysis and solves ICO tokens liquidity problems. The platform supports 17 cryptocurrencies.

Is Cobinhood a legitimate platform?

Table of Contents

  1. Exchange check
  2. Why Cobinhood is safe?
  3. Trust
  4. Customer Support
  5. The Service Policy
  6. Is Cobinhood legit - conclusion

Cobinhood Review

Daily scope for cryptographic withdrawal:

For the first checking level each trader have to confirm his email with a password.

To check level 2, clients have to provide their full names (as written in thei passports), the residence, a driver's license or passport image and relevant phone number.

You can enter the site through browser or mobile application. There are already apps for any Android and Apple devices.

Is It Safe?


Assets are stored on the stock exchange online, and no more than 2% of all available funds. 

  1. The deposited coins are protected by encryption. 
  2. Hardware is geographically distributed. 

To access the wallet, you need 5 of 8 apportioned security modules. Active funds in online wallets are additionally insured by a third party.

Every time a trader logs in to his profile from a new device, he receives an email notification. The exchange also practices two-factor authentication. 

Two methods are accessible for this: using a phone number or Google Authenticator.

In the first case, the verification code will be sent by SMS. In the second variant, you need to download an application for QR code recognition. Further the link will be given. Go through it is required.

Customer Support

For traders 24/7 technical support is available. 

Initial coin offering started on September 11, 2017, and ended on October 20, 2017. Funds allocation review shows that Cobinhood ico is safe:

If you work with ICO, the exchange provides underwriting services. In order to avoid problems with liquidity, the service credits funds to the Cobinhood account instantly. For clients, an intelligent analysis of contracts. Then the service gives technical guidance to refine the business model. Cobinhood also gives legal advice on ICO documents and participants' identification.

Cobinhood Policy

To fully understand that Cobinhood is a safe system just evaluate the company policy:

  1. Decentralized exchange is under development.
  2. High-performance order matching mechanism.
  3. Transparence of online and offline wallets for common audit.
  4. Reliable online transactions with two-factor authentication and email confirmations.
  5. Secure offline transactions using wallets that support multi-signatures and hardware security modules located in different countries.
  6. All cryptocurrencies are protected by insurance.

Is Cobinhood a legitimate service - conclusion

So, as many may ask - “Is cobinhood a scam?” the exchange has the next signs of legitimacy:

  1. Cobinhood executives and 70 other employees have LinkedIn open profiles.
  2. The site collected more than 10 million dollars of air during its ICO. Then IDG Capital invested $20 million in the Coxinhood Dexon Foundation.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Cobinhood has already established as a reliable service. It greatly simplifies the traders' activity thanks for website translation into 13 languages. The interface is equally simple and convenient in browser and mobile applications. 


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