• 50+

    Exchanges have failed since 2011
  • 19

    Exchanges have been hacked
  • >1.2M

    Bitcoins have been lost
  • >36%

    Increase in the frequency of attacks every quarter

Insurance Company


Insurance coverage is provided by the fully
licensed Insurance company



Insurance product based on IT-platform
Crypto Insurance is developed and
maintained by Swiss broker ASPIS SA

of Liability


Maximum limit of liability per each insured
event is $7'000'000, the coverage is
guaranteed by the world leading insurance
and reinsurance companies

Our solution

A unique insurance product that covers user losses if a crypto-exchange fails.

Insurance Fund

The Insurance Fund is based on currency obtained from the sale of Crypto Insurance policies. The fund is constantly growing, which means it always has the capacity to cover all potential claims.

Indemnity limit

We cover not more 15 BTC per one exchange. The amount of funds insured can not be greater than 15 BTC (amount calculated in BTC).


Blockchain technology enables us to eliminate the misuse of insurance funds by guaranteeing that every transaction is transparent.


If an exchange ceases operations for more than 30 days, Crypto Insurance will automatically refund all insured assets after receiving an application from the client.

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