1 SOL to CAD (Solana to CAD) Crypto to Fiat Conversion

At current market prices, converting 1 SOL to CAD is CA$93.98.

The SOL to CAD exchange rate is updated regularly using live spot market values from top exchanges worldwide.

The current price of 1 Solana in CAD is CA$93.98, up 507707.72% from all-time low $0.432979 on Oct 20, 2015 and down -54.93% from all-time high $4,878.26 on Nov 10, 2021. This exchange rate used by our cryptocurrency calculator was updated at 16:00 UTC on 11/12/2023.

SOL to CAD Cryptocurrency Calculator

How much is 1 SOL to CAD converted at current prices?

Price of 1 SOL to CAD is = CA$93.98 as of 16:00 UTC on 11/12/2023.

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1 SOL to CAD Price Over Last 10 Days

2023-12-11 CA$93.98 SOL/CAD
2023-12-10 CA$97.20 SOL/CAD
2023-12-09 CA$105.03 SOL/CAD
2023-12-08 CA$99.40 SOL/CAD
2023-12-07 CA$87.16 SOL/CAD
2023-12-06 CA$85.49 SOL/CAD
2023-12-05 CA$81.67 SOL/CAD
2023-12-04 CA$83.71 SOL/CAD
2023-12-03 CA$84.55 SOL/CAD
2023-12-02 CA$83.08 SOL/CAD

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