Crypto Browser Launched By Opera For iOS

Crypto Browser Launched By Opera For iOS

Crypto Browser has been released by Opera on iOS, in order to access Web3, which includes a cryptocurrency wallet right in the browser.

Previously, Android, Mac, and Windows devices could use Opera.

Why Opera Launches Crypto Browser?

According to Opera, they created this new browswer for both cryptocurrency newbies and experts. Polygon, Celo, and Ethereum blockchain technology is supported via the app’s cryptocurrency wallet, and Opera wants to incorporate more systems.

Anyone can send and receive all tokens that are supported, buy cryptocurrency using fiat currency, and trade. Anyone can also link their current cryptocurrency wallets into the built-in wallet of the browser. It provided that they are compatible with the Ethereum.

In order to help users stay current on the technology, the Opera browser also has a new feature with the name of Crypto Corner. It compiles information and news about cryptocurrencies as well as airdrops, events, and podcasts.

Web3 utilization

According to Opera, their main goal with the Crypto Browser is to utilize Web3 in a similar manner as Web 2. Users may visit Web3 Non Fungible Token and various decentralized apps, which consist of 7,000 Polygon-related and supported services, using the Crypto Browser.

Jorgen Arnesen, vice president of Opera Mobile, stated that “Web3 is continuing to gain traction.” Project Creation Opera Crypto Browser is able to create a complete user experience in the Web3 environment. Which has frequently proved confusing for regular users and simpler. According to Opera, the use of Web3 is easy so that when you take it, you can use its full capabilities.

Security features, including a pop-up blocker, ad tracker, and cookie conversation blocking, are also present in the browser. To prevent crypto-jacking scripts, it also employs bitcoin mining prevention.

To answer the environmental issues regarding the astronomical energy consumption of blockchain, the people at Opera have stated that they are working on making the integration with the Ethereum Layer 2. This should reduce the energy consumption of the blockchain. Later on, Opera announced that they had successfully integrated Layer 2 into the Android version of their app. The iOS app also followed after that.


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